Film & TV [Select Credits]

Spiderman 2

Sony Pictures (2004) Contribution to Sound Design

The Scorpion King (2002)

The Scorpion King (2002) Dwayne Johnson, Additional Music

11:11 Eleven Eleven

(Official Selection Boston International Film Festival) Director, Esther Peres Complete Score

Jet Li: Legend of the Red Dragon

Directed by Wong Jing and Corey Yuen. Starring Jet Li. Columbia/Saturn Entertainment, 2002. Complete score.

Jackie Chan: The Prisoner

Directed by Chu Yen Ping. Starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Andy Lau. Columbia/Mercury Pictures, 2001. Complete score.

It’s the Rage

Directed by James D. Stern Starring Jeff Daniels, David Schwimmer, Anna Paquin, Gary Sinise, Joan Allen and Giovanni Ribisi. Mutual Film Company, 1999. Select Cues.

Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder

Directed by Jamie Dixon. Starring Michael Rooker, Kevin Zegers and Tony Todd. Produced by Ash Shah. Columbia TriStar/Imperial Entertainment, 1998. Complete score.

Boogie Boy

Directed by Craig Hamann. Produced by Academy® Award winning producer Roger Avary, Ash R. Shah, Cathryn Jaymes, and Todd King. Starring Mark Dakascos. Scanbox International/Screenland Pictures, 1998. Select Cues.

To The Ends of Time

Directed by Markus Rothkranz. Starring Christine Taylor, Joss Ackland, and Sarah Douglas. Produced by Ash R. Shah. Scanbox/Imperial Entertainment Corporation, 1997. Complete score.

Forbidden Love

A film by Genie and Gemini Award winning film maker Aerlyn Weissman and Juno Award winner Lynne Fernie (lyrics for Parachute Club's "Rise Up"). National Film Board of Canada, 1992. Select Cues. 





Warrior - F.I.P./Pacific Rim Releasing, 1996. Complete score.

Wooden Nickles - National Film Board of Canada, 1995. Complete score.

Lambada - KM International, 1990. Complete score.

Vortex - Voice Productions, 1990. Complete score.

Helicon - Ford International Pictures, 1989. complete score.




Free For All - Animation Series—Film Roman

Mama June - Directed by Humanitas Award winning director Hilary Jones-Farrow. The May Street Group/Women's Television Network

Virtues - Directed by Hilary Jones-Farrow. (13-Part Television Series) - The May Street Group/Vision TV

Virtues II - Directed by Hilary Jones-Farrow. (6-Part Television Series) - The May Street Group/Vision TV

In A Heartbeat - Produced by Richard Pierce and Keith Pierce (Pilot, Television Series) Alliance-Atlantis/Disney

Theatre Behind Bars - Blue Sky Film Productions, TV Ontario, James Fry, Lloyd Chesley, Jeffrey Fuhr

Kids 4 Sale - Blue Sky Film Productions, James Fry, Lloyd Chesley, Jeffrey Fuhr

It's Not Like I Hit Her - The Maystreet Group

Canada: On the Cutting Edge - (TV Series) - Cadenza Entertainment

Uncorrupted - Directed and Produced by Ken Frith. Goldstar Productions

Tribal Journeys - Russell Harris Productions

Tribal Journeys II - Native Participation Committee, Russell Harris Productions

Testament of Murals - City of Chemainus, Casson Films

Inuit Art - Colsut Pictures

Diving Brazil - Sarama Productions

Echoing the Spirit - Native Participation Committee of the Commonwealth Games

Basics - Peck Films, Three-Sixty Productions

Basics II - Three-Sixty Productions

National Centres of Excellence - Animedia Vision

A Parents' Guide ... - The Maystreet Group

A Parents' Guide II - The Maystreet Group

Germanica - Transmedia RTV