Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuiilder was largely a forgettable movie I thought, but the score is almost never forgettable when heard in the film. I can’t remember much of it, but now it’s here in all it’s official glory from composer Eckart Seeber who rarely gets a chance to display his excellent composing skills. This is an old-fashioned horror score with a dark and moody feeling, lots of strings and the choir in ‘Ritual – Demise Of The Zealots’ sounds great. The score is all very grand and pompous, but in a very good way I think. I would call this a choral gothic score, and definitely more traditional that Elfman’s gothic scores for example.It’s really scary as well. Cues like ‘At The Cemetery’ certainly give me the creeps. You even have devilish chanting in ‘Grave Discovery – A Strange Recognition’. It’s a perfect mix!

This score is truly a gem that Keepmoving Records somehow have dug up and I am thankful for it. It’s 1 hour and 18 minutes of beautiful gothic horror music, traditional style. It doesn’t come much better than this. Did I mention the impressive choral sequences? There are a lot of those, and each time they arrive, whether it is a large male choir or a single female voice, it’s going to be stuck with me, that’s how great it feels. The score has actually made me want to see that movie again. I simply have to hear how it sounds in the film. If you love gothic horror scores with really huge orchestra and grand chorals, you should definitely get this score. It’s got to be one of the best horror scores in the last 20 years

Source | Author: Jørn Tillnes