To The Ends Of Time is a fantasy film from 1996 that no one has heard of. Well, there must be some, but it’s not exactly Conan The Barbarian is it? I checked it out on, and it’s apparently a very low budget fantasy film. If it is such low budget, how come Eckart Seebert’s score sounds like a million bucks? The score sounds really big, like it was meant for bigger things, Conan things even. It’s also cheesy as hell. What is that awful woman singing over ‘The Battle’ before it goes into fantastic mode? All these questions, but no answers! I recently reviewed Eckart Seeber’s 1998 score Shadowbuilder and we established that he love to sound massive and love those choirs. Well, he hasn’t changed much from 1996 that’s for sure. This is a rollercoaster of a score where massive is just one of the ingredients.

I got one more question. Why did Seeber apparently stop making gorgeous music, or indeed any film music after 1998? One of life’s mysteries. The score for To The Ends Of Time is not a mystery to the listener. It’s plain as day, and gorgeous to listen to. It doesn’t require anything from you, just prepare to have your mind blown. To The Ends Of Time is a love story, rooted in a fantasy setting and both the fantasy and the love comes out like triumphant heroes in this score. It’s just so good that I have to listen to it all again and again. I’m completely engrossed in Eckart Seeber’s fantastic music and it’s criminal that there’s not much more out there to pursue. To be honest, that is very upsetting. It’s like discovering John Williams Star Wars for the first time and finding out there’s nothing more out there. Unfair! This orchestral tour de force will no doubt mess with your head as well. If there was one thing I would do differently with this release, it would have been to create longer cues or suites perhaps. There’s 38 in all, and some of the cues are too short. Still, I am just happy someone released all of this exquisite music for me to hear. I am not ashamed to admit I dropped a tear or two when listening to this score. Such a stunning release and only 500 copies available? Absolute madness! I hope that you are the lucky one who get to own a copy of on of the better fantasy scores you’ll hear this year or any other.

Source | Author: Jorn Tillnes